Hume City players are making the most of their finals opportunities to put their presence on a national stage in the FFA Cup.

As City graduated to the final four of the Australia-wide tournament on Tuesday night, beating Oakleigh Cannons 3-2, its players again won the attention of other clubs.

City coach Louie Acevski said he thought several players in his squad could play A-league or at a higher level overseas next season.

Goalkeeper Chris Oldfield’s hot form with the gloves has already put him in a trial game with Central Coast Mariners against Melbourne Victory in the past month.

“They called the club and asked for permission to play him against Victory,” Acevski said. “It’s only a matter of time before we lose him to a bigger team. Once his permanent residency comes through early next year, I think more clubs will speak to him.”

Acevski said he didn’t think Theo Markelis would be far behind Oldfield.

Markelis, who scored two goals in City’s win against Oakleigh Cannons, joined Hume City midway through the season from Greek-side Veria. The midfielder has previously played with Melbourne Victory.

“He’s been exceptional, with 13 goals in all forms in half a season,” Acevski said.

“I wish we’d had him at the start of the season.

“He’s one of the main reasons we are through this far in the FFA Cup.

“He deserves the opportunity to have another go at the higher level.” Acevski said skipper Nick Hegarty leads the list of other players who could also be asked to step up, given their performances recently and throughout the season.

“Our captain, Nick, was unbelievable and played a typical captain’s game on Tuesday night,” the coach said.

“He could quite easily step up.

“Marcus Schroen and Jai Ingram are two others who could easily make the switch, too.”