Trains on the Ballarat line went into chaos when vandals damaged the railway lines near Rockbank last Friday.

Rocks were placed on the tracks, near Rockbank, causing damage to a VLocity train, which became “disabled” after striking the rock.

Subsequently, five trains were cancelled and countless others delayed by up to 30 minutes.

V/Line chief executive Theo Taifalos said the “senseless and reckless” vandalism was alarmin.

“Anyone who thinks it’s smart to play on, muck around or vandalise railway lines could end up dead,” Mr Taifalos said.

“In the most serious instances, this type of behaviour can injure our train drivers or customers.”

Mr Taifalos said the air hoses of the VLocity train were damaged, activating safety sytems and locking the brakes.

A significant number of customers were affected after the train had to be taken out of service.

“It’s frustrating for our customers and equally frustrating for the team at V/Line because this type of incident should not occur,” Mr Taifalos said.

“We need help from communities to be our eyes and ears so if you see something, please say something.”

Mr Taifalos urged anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

More to come