Sunbury could be among the electorates that will decide the next state election, Opposition Leader Matthew Guy believes.

Mr Guy visited the town’s train station last week to talk to residents in the wake of the state government’s decision to reverse controversial public transport changes. He said every seat was in play.

‘‘[Sunbury] swung towards the Liberals last time, even though we lost the election,’’ he said. ‘‘It is a bellwether seat, and will continue to be one.

“All sides of politics are going to really have to put their best foot forward to get the trust of Sunbury residents.’’

Mr Guy said the community’s co-ordinated efforts to fight train timetable changes had been noticed.

‘‘When communities are organised in that sort of way, it gets results,’’ he said.

‘‘I think Sunbury is now putting itself well and truly on the political radar.’’

Repeating his promise to give Sunbury its own council in the first term of a future Liberal government, Mr Guy said the recent introduction of rate-capping made a split from Hume more straight forward.

But Sunbury Labor MP Josh Bull said this year’s transition audit made it clear a standalone council wouldn’t work.

“With a 14.5 per cent rate hike and cuts to services, and all on a legally questionable premise, the former Liberal government tried to sell the residents of Sunbury a pup,” Mr Bull said.