An Altona resident has complained to Hobsons Bay council about a drone – a remote-controlled aircraft with GPS and camera – over their backyard.

Cr Sandra Wilson said the resident had a drone hovering over their private premises and in their backyard taking pictures or vision.

“When the resident confronted the person who was operating the drone … this person said they were capturing data to sell to a developer.”

Cr Wilson said there was currently a lack of legislation on drones and people’s privacy.


“Drones are the responsibility of the Commonwealth government and are regulated by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA),” she said.

“Anyone concerned about a drone near their property should ask the operator for identification and certification to operate the drone.

“They should then contact CASA and check if the person operating the drone is certified.”

It is illegal to fly a drone for money or economic reward without certification.

With drones an increasingly popular Christmas gift, CASA is reminding recreational users they must not be flown over populated areas like beaches, other people’s backyards, heavily populated parks or sports ovals while games are in progress.

Drones are prohibited within 30 metres of people, vehicles, boats and buildings.

Last year, CASA fined a man $850 for flying a drone at the scene of a siege at Altona North.

The drone flew into a power line and almost hit a police officer when it fell to the ground.