A Brimbank council-run cafe in Sunshine and a creche in St Albans are likely to be closed from early next year because of dwindling incomes and falling attendances.

It’s unclear how many staff would lose their jobs if the closures go ahead.

A council report has revealed that income at the Sunshine Leisure Centre cafe dropped from $109,672 for the 2011-12 financial year to just $27,208 for the six months to November 12 this year.

The council report said a lack of facilities limited the cafe’s ability to make a profit and it was relying on a “significant subsidy” to operate.

If the administrators approve the cafe’s closure, that would happen in March.

“The closure would save council between $75,000 and $100,000 annually in operating costs,” the report stated.

“A small amount of funding would be required to make alterations to the cafe space to re-purpose it if the cafe is closed.

“The social meeting space with tables and chairs will remain if the cafe is closed and the council will provide tea and coffee- making facilities at no charge to address concerns.”

Despite no broad community consultation, the council will also look to permanently close the St Albans Leisure Centre creche.

It was temporarily closed in February because of structural problems.

The creche costs council more than $40,000 a year to operate.

The council noted the creche had “consistently low usage levels” and it would need to spend about $50,000 on long-term works to keep it open.