A self-taught Hoppers Crossing artist, who goes by the name DMR, has opened her first solo show, Hemingway, at Wyndham Harbour.

DMR upcycles materials she finds on Werribee South beach and turns them into three-dimensional art that carries environmental messages.

“I basically collect things from the beach at Werribee South, or other locations, and take those little parts and sink them into resin – I might make an eyeball out of them, or grass out of the rope that I find,” she said. “In this exhibition, the hero piece is a whale.

“All the little details about him – the black lines of him – depict the oil polluting the sea, and the struggles that the whales encounter to survive.”

DMR has been creating art since she was 17, but has only turned her passion into a full-time career in the past six months.

“I painted for years in private, and my family walked in on my collection and demanded that I go straight to a gallery and pursue this.When the opportunity came to exhibit my art at Wyndham Harbour, I couldn’t say no – for me, it was the perfect location.

“It presents my work in its true environment, while highlighting the culture, local businesses and natural beauty of Werribee South.

“My work does three things – it cleans up the local beach, raises awareness about the importance of protecting our beautiful environment and, I hope more than anything, makes people smile.”

Hemingway will be on display at Wyndham Harbour, 50 Quay Boulevard, Werribee South, until December 19.