Comedian Austen Tayshus, who shot to fame with his 1983 single, Australiana, is performing in Altona on Friday.

His brand of comedy has been described as sometimes frightening and polarising, and not for the politically correct.

Tayshus said Australiana, which remains Australia’s biggest selling single, was not particularly indicative of what he had been doing for the past 30 years. His current show is about politics, multiculturalism and “what’s going on in the country”.

So, what’s his view on how things are going in Australia at the moment?

“Malcolm Turnbull is somebody that I know well,” Tayshus said. “I was at university with him. I think he is a smart guy, and what he’s learned is consistency and I think a little bit of humility.

“He learnt to eat humble pie and I think that was good for him. Now he’s a reasonable fellow and, unlike that other idiot, he’s gonna make a good Prime Minister.”

Tayshus’s Jewish background has shaped his views on multiculturalism.

“My father was a Holocaust survivor, so I know all about that migrant thing and the Jewish people know all about being shifted around.

“I know what’s going on right now.

“These people should be treated with dignity. No children in detention.”

Austen Tayshus performs in the Altona Sports Club Showroom on Friday. Tickets: $20 members/$25 non members. Bookings essential: 9398 2283.