Altona North’s Louise El Ali says volunteering is the most rewarding of her roles. She talks to Goya Dmytryshchak.


What’s your connection to Hobsons Bay?

I was raised in rural Victoria. After living in several areas of Melbourne, I settled in Altona North with my husband. I am connected to the community through both my work in disability support and child protection, as well as regular volunteer commitments within the Hobsons Bay library service.


Tell me about your work and what you like about it?

Contributing to my community is the most rewarding part of all my roles … volunteering within Hobsons Bay library services, working with families in need of assistance and building on my communication skills.


What do you love about the area?

The proximity to the CBD is such a convenience, while still having the sense of living within a more tight-knit community area. I’m regularly by the bay, at both Williamstown and Altona beaches, which adds further luxury.


What would you change about it?

I will not be the first to wish for greater emphasis on public transport. But, in reality, I couldn’t ask for much.


What’s your favourite cafe/eatery?

The Circle is well-known for edible delights. The Pint of Milk in Williamstown is a caffeinated pleasure.


What’s your fondest memory about living here?

I volunteered to read for Arabic bilingual storytime at the Altona North library, as I am studying the language. I asked a small boy how many languages he spoke. His response: “I speak Melbourne and Cantonese.” This community of global citizens is beautiful to be among.