When Ronel Langley moved from South Africa to Australia, she decided to call Altona home. Now living here with her partner, Marius, and their 16-year-old son, Dayne, she speaks with Goya Dmytryshchak. 



What’s your connection to Hobsons Bay?

I am a resident of Altona. I fell in love with it the moment I first saw it. My partner chose Altona for us to start a new life in, and he couldn’t have picked a better place on this earth. Altona is my dream village, and I love everything about her.


How did you come to the area?

I packed a bag containing 33 kilograms and joined my partner in Altona for a visit, but promptly fell in love with the country, its people and its way of life, and decided to permanently join him here in December 2013. I haven’t looked back … not once.


What do you love about Altona or Hobsons Bay more generally?

The people. I love the openheartedness, the sense of community and the breathtaking beauty of the place. I am a lover of nature and have started the Altona Adventurers, an activity group with the most incredible people, who have created this amazing core of friendship and activity. It is one of my prides and joy. I am a community person.


What would you change about it?

Very little. I would probably continue to look after its precious old heritage, showcasing more of its historic value, like the incredibly interesting road at The Pines – the first convict-built road between Altona and Melbourne. And generally just preserve the goodness of the place. It is refreshingly quaint and authentic.

What’s your fondest memory about living in this area?

The safe open spaces, the beautiful scenes of nature. The smell of coffee while walking down Pier Street. The sight of the pier, which is ever present and reassuring. The smell of the ocean drifting through our home. The call of the magpie at dawn. All favorite memories. And the faces of my Altonian Adventurers after a particularly great friendship walk.


What’s your favourite cafe/eatery?

I love Stella’s. Their friendly and authentically Italian style of cuisine and the amazing open-natured approach of the owner, Ross, impressed me greatly. They also make good pizza, and I love the inside of the restaurant.